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Youth Festival 2022 (Amrut Rang 2022 Yuva Urja Mahotsava)

Hello Readers, I am Himanshi Parmar. This blog is made on grounds of a task assigned by Dr. Dilip Barad sir. This blog is about Youth Festival 2022 named 'Amrut Rang 2022 Yuva Urja Mahotsava' celebrated by Maharaja Krishnkumarsinghji Bhavnagar University. After two years of corona pandemic, Maharaja Krishnkumarsinhji Bhavnagar University organized amrutrang 2022 yuvaa urja mahotsav, hosted by Takshashila college on 19,20,21/09/2022. Here i am going to discuss about several questions that given as a task.

1] Themes represented in various tableaux of Kala - Yatra -18 September 2022 from Victoria Park water Tank to Amphi - Theaceremony m to 9:30 am.

Kala Yatra is one of the best part of youth festival. Every year Youth Festival start with Kala Yatra and ends with Prize distribution ceremony. Kala Yatra is considered as a beginning or first event of Youth Festival. Kala Yatra is best platform to represent various innovative ideas in more lively way. This year (2022) Kala Yatra begins on 18 September 2022 from Victoria Park water Tank to Amphi - Theatre. Time of Kala Yatra was 8 am to 9:30 am. In this Kala Yatra studens from different institutions participated and represented their institutes.  In kala yatra all the colleges represent various themes. Here are some glimpse of it.

In these year's Kala Yatra studens represented various themes and try to aware people, for example women empowerment, politics, Milk man of India, Sports, Practical education, online education system etc. We English department students  were also participated in Kala Yatra. We were there with banner of our department and our theme is equal importance of digital tools and books. We hold several posters of Hard Copy of books like 'pride and prejudice','Final Solution','Derrida and Deconstruction','Macbeth','Wide Sargasso sea', 'The wretched of the Earth' etc. Along with this we hold posters of Some digital tools that we use daily in our studies, for example, ''Google classroom','YouTube',''Google Drive', 'Twitter', 'Facebook', ''Google Meet' etc. By holding this poster we conveyed message that how digital tools and Hard copy books has equal importance. All the students from different institutions were there together and all are cheering, happy, Students were chanting slogans. At last kala Yatra end at Amphi - Theatre, 6 O'clock.

Opening ceremony (ઉદ્ઘાટન સમારોહ)

After kala Yatra we had welcome ceremony or we can say opening ceremony (ઉદ્ઘાટન સમારોહ).  It began at 10 am and end at 1:00 pm. The event place was Amphi Theatre. All studens were present there. Also many guests were invited. In the beginning, beautiful dance performance was done by girls of KL Vidhyalaya college. List of guest were already given to students, Prince of Bhavnagar 'Jayveerrajsinh Gohil' and Collector of Bhavnagar was absent according to list. But many other guest was there, Jitubhai vaghaniIncharge Vice chancellor, kirtiben danidharya, Abhishek Jain -director of wrong side Raju, Bhartiben Shiyal, Kaushik Bhatt, Hassen Safan, GM Sutariya sir, EC members etc. Dilip Gohil sir welcomed all the guest and students. One by one all the guest gave speeches, in that Safin Hasan sir talked about today's confused generation and what should be the ideal relation between parents and childrens, also told to follow inspiration and live dreams.

Secondly Abhishek Jain was speak about need of art school in Bhavnagar. Also thanked Bhavnagar for their talent and support while shooting of film in Bhavnagar. He also Buck up Youth to be fearless and active participants in all art activities.  Bhartiben Shiyal considered youth festival as a best platform to explore one's art and creativity. And best stage to show innovative ideas. 

Jitubhai Vaghani talked about the points like, youth's contribution in important,  Right and duties of students as well as faculties, collecting ideas and innovation policy, startup policy,also said that how getting job is one of the toughest thing in present time as we have lots of competition, so it is very important to explore various art, creativities and skills in us to survive. So this how at 1:30 pm, opening ceremony (ઉદ્ઘાટન સમારોહ) ended.

2] Major themes in dramatic events like One Act Play (एकांकी), Skit (लघु नाटक), Mime (मूक अभिनय), Mono-acting (एक पात्रीय अभिनय).

In 2022, it was a 30th Youth Festival. 34 events were organized and around 750 studens were participated in various events. In that we had acting based competitions like, One Act play, Mono - Acting, Mime, Skit etc. Let me discuss all one by one.

One act plays

Every year in youth festival we had lots of participations in one act play competition, and due to that it was very hard to manage all the performances in one day so we had two day for one act plays. And 30 minutes given to each performance. Extra 5 minutes to stage organization. This time drama was in Vinod bhai Amlani Natyamanch or we can say Atal Auditorium. Here i am going to discuss about several dramas that i like the most.

1) Ashifa ek paheli

The play was written by Sanjay Srivastav.The concept of this play was very unique and it told about feminism and shurpankha and her point of views also talked about draupadi and her points of views on also reflected current situation and crimes that revolves around women victims like balatkar and acid attack on girls. Also the performance was about Rape and tragedy flash back with Ashifa. It was an amazing performance.

 2) Hu pasalo chu

The play was written by Indu Kuva. This play is a love story one simple man with princess. The play covered Themes like, light humor, Satire and tragedy. He was just a simple human but for love he changed himself as a God, and at the End he realized that human is better then God. So indirectly he satirized god and human's beliefs about god.

 3) Adhuru Chitra

The story is of Royal Family love story and extra merrital affair by king with Panna, a good singer. But she is in love with Karangath state's prince vikram kumar, who is a good painter. king found Panna and kumar on boat on a occasion of shivratri celebration.  king makde domestic violence against Panna she give latter to kumar about her situation. At thr end we find Kumar was mad after this Tragedy flash back with kumar. 

4) Aai khani chopat

The play performed by college Code number - 8.  It Start with man(meraman) who died and her wife (Jaan Bhaee) sitting near him. people challenges to protagonist for revenge to his brother's murder and he was during the entire play continiously playing chopat. Female protagonist's father tell her to merry herbrother in law (manhur) but she recall her memories with his husband beautiful scenes were portrayed. Here we find similarities of this play with final solution by Mahesh Dattani. where two women Daksha and Hardika is playing same character. Here also they creat two character one is having desire of remarriage and another waiting for her husband. Later she marry with her brother in law that reflects very old tradition of Diyar vatu in India.but after merriage she came to know that her husband mudrered by his brother in law so she gave poisonous milk to his brother in law and he died. Monologues of female protagonist was very effective and fascinate audience.

5) Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence one act play was performed by Code 13. The play originally written in Marathi and translated into Gujrati by Kalpesh Vyas. The play was directed by Amit Galani. There are five characters in play.They all are Engineer students.  The story revolves around a girl Megha whose father was died and they had their last paper by tomorrow. All other roommates are arguing and quarreling that what is important for the girl whose father was died, giving last paper or to attend funeral of her father. Shivani the most practical girl among all is in favour of giving exam while all other girls like Ragini and Pooja are in the favour of attending funereal of her (Megha) father. At last of the drama when shivani agrees that even if it was her father who died still she would choose to give exam. At that time pooja call to mother of shivani and drama tack twist. She is saying that aunty shivangi will give exam and then only she will come for funeral of her father. Shivani got shocked and started crying. As she came to know that he is her father who died not of Megha. Audience also got shocked as they thought it was Megha's father who died. Also there was a beautiful song at last, words of the song is about a father giving advice to his daughter to be strong. The title is Artificial Intelligence, that we find in play how all the girls by using their artificial intelligence convince shivani to give exam instead of attend her father's funeral. 

All the plays was mainly either based on Historical events and Legendary Events or represented Current situations. Theme like Love, Marriage, Superstitions, crime, social Barriers, rituals and suffering, women empowerment, situation of women and girls child are often used in most of the play.


Mime is a silent drama. Time limit for mime is 5 minutes. Also we can say it's a musical drama. There is no conversation, no property use excerpting stage, also black clothing and white face make-up is compulsory in Mime. In this Youth Festival, event of Mime organized at Vinod bhai amlani naty manch. (Atal auditorium). Time of mime was 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.  Here is all the mimes and very brief about it.

1) College code - 3

Performed mime on Games in mime. Games like ludo and other online games are harmful and physical games are needed that was the main moral of this mime.

2) College code - 6

Code 6 represented Army life. There we find conflict between soldier's personal life and their duties for nation/professional life. The story is saying soldier must choose professional life instead of personal. The mime was Sang a song of patriotism.

3) College code - 7

This mime used Reverse technique that is the most unique thing of this mime. The mime was choreograph by mehul was a Beautiful mime. The mime was about Surgical strike, reporting, war, Traffic, flag hosting etc.

4) College code - 8

This mime is talking about Robotics, mechanical life and their harmfulness.showing picture of future that how we will have fear of Robot. Because they are physically more strong then us. And they have no emotions to understand our pain.

5) College code - 13 

The mime was about circus life. Games, jump, and lion. Full of glamours life.

6) College code - 15

Journey of baby girl from childhood to adulthood.Dreams of their parents, future plans, transgender and suffering alone.
Message :- transgender people are good.

7) College code - 18

The mime is portrayed war as a main theme.also through light on Superstition of killing animal. The main story of this mime was life  Story of samrat ashoka. The great king in India.

8) College code - 38

The story was about  'Kisan Andolan'. And how they were beaten up and at the end they win. Story of Farmer, and farming.

9) College code - 41

Mehul bhil's coryography.The play about Circus. Difference of backstage circus and on stage circus.also showing life of Circus people, they make all laugh on stage but backstage they have injuries, tired and painful poor life.


Skit is short Five minutes Comedy drama. Mainly skit try to satire through comedy. In youth festival 2022, we had skit on last day 21/9/2022, Wednesday. Time of skit was 8 pm to 12:30 pm. Here is some major skit and satire made in that.

1) College code - 3 

Presented mime on Ravan dahan.also covered theme of Ravan in modern time.

2) College code - 6

In beginning this skit showing woman doing Household works and other. Then Rape on women was shown. The skit was about 'Grishma kand(Rape),  tamilnadu reference, thali bajao, diya jalao references also they used in their skit in very satirical way.

3) College code - 7

One Parson walking behind the people who performing skit with posters written Parodi, farce, veet, black humour, keri ketcher, satire etc. Theme of gangubai also used. There is a Kamlesh Pan center and people are discussing about current situation.

3] Can you apply dramatic literary theories propounded by Aristotle (Tragedy), Ben Jonson (Comedy of Humor), Dryden (Play), Martin Esslin (Absurd theatre), Irving Wardle (Comedy of Menace) on the dramatic events presented in Youth Festival?

The classical unities, Aristotelian unities, or three unities represent a prescriptive theory of dramatic tragedy that was introduced in Italy in the 16th century and was influential for three centuries. That is,unity of action, unity of place, and unity of time. These three unities were redefined in 1570 by the Italian humanist Lodovico Castelvetro in his interpretation of Aristotle, and they are usually referred to as “Aristotelian rules” for dramatic structure.

During this Youth Festival, we find there is a event of skit. In skit this three unities, unity of Time, action and place plays vital role. As skit has quickness and loud expressions.also proper dilogue and timing of action should required to make satire through comedy. Same as Mime.
Mime is action play so one has to maintain timing and action.

4] Poetry Competition.

On 19/9/2022, Monday we had poetry writing and recitation competition in youth festival. I was participated in the competition. Subjects were given, all the participants wrote beautiful poem. We also had to recite our poem. The subject given to us are below.

Most of the participants choose 'વિરહી હૈયાની વાત' and 'સ્મરણ' as a topic to write. Mostly the poems was in Gujrati language. Only one poem was in Hindi. Not a single poem written in English. Students mainly wrote poems in couplets and few are in quatrain. Other all poems written in free verse.  Main metaphors used in the poem are, Mirage for unfulfilled desire, deer, rose as a love etc etc. Mostly natural elements are personified. One strange thing is no one used modern elements as a metaphor, all used nature, sky and mythology as a metaphors. Some poems are also written about motherland and patriotism. All the poem was recited beautifully. It was an amazing experience to listen all the poems.

5] On last day, before or after valedictory, all art events like cartooning, painting, collage, poster making, clay-modelling, installation will be open for public display. You can study themes, satire, didacticism, aestheticism in all these artistic expressions.

There was many art events in Youth Festival like Cartooning, Clay modeling, Painting, Collage making, Poster Making, Rangoli, Installation etc. All the participants did very good work. In poster making, and cartooning mainly students made their creations on politics and current society. They satire on various political issues, pollutions, social barriers and rigid society etc. In clay - Modelling most of the students made their model of 'Guru - Shishya' (Student - Teacher) because topics are given to them. Also in rangoli competition students made rangoli by using various elements instead of Colour like flowers, Cod, Grain, embroideries etc. Topics of all the competitions were already given so students moulded their creativity in a way. Here are some glims of it.

6] My experience as a participant.

I was participated in two events in this year's Youth Festival.

1) Poetry writing and Recitation Competition.

2) Short Film Making Competition.

This youth festival was also very beneficial for me. I was participated in youth festival 2019-20, and secured third rank in 'One act play' titled 'Artificial Intelligence', But this year i got 'Bronzemedal' in both the event in which i participated. The events are ShortFilm making event and Poetrywriting and recitation competition.

1) Poetry writing and Recitation Competition :

In poetry writing and recitation competition, we had to write poetry on given topics, topics that i had mentioned above. and also had to recite it. On base of Writing style, Vocabulary, rhyme, Structure, Imagination, Rhythm of recitation, judges had to mark us.we were around 20-25 students participated. I got third rank in this competition. Do watch my poem recitation video here, along with poem.

2) Short Film Making Competition.

Secondly i was also participated in Short film making Competition. We were five participants in this event.

In this event we had to make short five minutes film. Topics that given to us were Social awareness, Patriotism and Historical figures. We made our film on 'Fake news and it's harmfulness' that falls under the category of Social awareness. While making film We had very less time and had lots of work to do like, plot construction,Script writing, shooting, editing, management of costume etc etc etc. But luckily we were able to tackle all the problems and submitted our Movie for competition.

We were also faced several problems even after submission of our movie. When Judges were watching films, our movie was the last one to watch, and finally when our turn came, it was a zest to our heart that the music we had used in our film was not being play. Some scenes were also got cut automatically. At that point of time we were disappointed and had no surety for rank. But fortunately we got third rank, and we are happy that finally our hard work pays of.
Do watch all the films here,

 Here is some glims of our movie making.

7] If you happens to watch short films and cinematic techniques used by students in making of film.

There are seven participants in short film. The films was made on various subject. Two films Zamku and Magical Box was about women condition in male dominated society. Very good dream sequence used in film Zamku.

1) Film Zamku

Girl zamku saw dream that there is women dominated society and women given orders to male, so zamku gave orders to her Husband, Father in law, Brother In Law, but as soon as her she came out of dream, she find herself in again male dominated society. Film Zamku try to Satire on male dominated environment thorough light comedy.

2)Film Magic Box

 Film magic box was covered theme of domestic violence on women. And how women for reputation and status of her In-laws, suffering all the things silently. There was three generations shown in movie. One the mother who suffered when protagonist was child. Also film shows how putting make up on her scars she hide her dints. Same later happens with protagonist who also hide her dints when her mother visited her house, And her daughter becomes victim of that incident of her mother got beaten by her father and how she hide her dints behind make - up. The film was tragic. Use of lighting was also very good. Dark lights, and red lights were used to show suffering and serious environment. Also zoom in on make up box, and faces said most of the things that wasn't covered in dilogues. They also use silence and pauses beautifully.

3) Films 'Swatantra sangram' and 'Maharajashri'.

Films like 'Swatantra sangram' and 'Maharajashri'.was about life of ancient king of Bhavnagar state named Maharaja Krishnkumarsinghji Gohil. How he sacrifice his everything for India and his contributions and kindness was the main theme of both this movies. In the movie 'Maharajashri', use of shadows were fascinating.

4) Film Bhavnagar 

Film Bhavnagar was a kind of documentary film. Only text, no cinematography. The film was showing Excursion places of Bhavnagar. Also made us aware about history of Bhavnagar and historical places. Use of drawn drew our attention in the film.

5] Fake it till you make it.

Fake it till you make it is about Fake news and it's harmfulness. How politicians overpowered media. And how media is feared of politics. It was about current situation.

8] Lastly, write on whichever other events you attend and along with it, the overall feeling of experiencing Youth Festival - ponder upon this - it is known as 'festival of youthfulness' - युवानी का महोत्सव.

It's been great opportunity to be part of Youth Festival. We learned so many things, we made mistakes, we tackle problems, we loosed, and won, and try. In real sense it is a 'festival of youthfulness'.

This year in youth festival total 44 colleges were participated. For English Department this youth festival turned to be marvellous. We, English Department students were participated in 17 events, among them we secured rank in 9 events. And got 14 medals. 

Elocution - Dhvani Rajyaguru (First Rank)

Debate - Rajeshvariba Rana and Kosha Bhatt (Second Rank)

Mono acting - Dhvani Rajyaguru (Second Rank)

Western Solo - Emisha Ravani (Third Rank)

Clay modeling - Jheel Barad (Third Rank)

Rangoli Competition - Jheel Barad (Third Rank)

Short Film - Divya Parmar, Divya Sheta, Nilay Rathod, Rajeshvariba Rana and i (Himanshi Parmar) (Third Rank)

Essay Writing -Divya Parmar (Third Rank)

Poetry Writing and Recitation - I (Himanshi Parmar) (Third Rank)

Prize destribution video.

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